what does NOS mean?; eg for toe clips, Christophe

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I bought some toe clips on eBay, they've got the wrong sized bracket for my pedals, didn't read the listing well enough. I'm going to resell them. They were advertised as "nos Christophe toe clips". Before I put nos or Nos or NOS in, I'd like to know what it means. What does it mean?



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    New, Old Stock(??)
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    I see, yup, that makes sense. I've only seen it for Christophe stuff, so far as I know, so I was assuming it was something particular to that make. But no, new old stock sounds right. Thanks.
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    Yes, New Old Stock is right.

    Often NOS stuff will have shop soiling on the box or packaging but the expectation is that the parts will be new and unused. Some vintage stuff is prized in NOS (e.g. particular Campag hubs) because it's relatively rare.
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    They are designed to make you go faster - NOS means Nitrous Oxide.
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    Incidentally, for those toe clips you might as well buy them new. They probably won't cost any more and there is a faint chance that they might be better quality. Old Christophe toe clips rust like hell and the plating goes very flakey. Probably so do the new ones but there is that chance they won't!
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