Can i use my mobile to connect to Garmin Connect?

Claud Roubaix
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Looking at Garmin Connect it seems a useful bit of kit.
AT the moment I am using an ALDI computer with my mobile phone used to connect to Strava.
apskate method?
I am interested in a Garmin device but family, christmas etc means I have to wait for that, so is there an alternative che


  • Why do you need Garmin Connect? Your mobile phone with Strava seems a good method.
  • Battery life is the main issue tbh.
  • cougie
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    Garmin connect is only a bit funkier than Strava.

    I dont see how you could connect a non garmin computer to garmin connect.

    If you turn off wifi and bluetooth on your smartphone your battery life should be sufficient for all but the longest rides ?
  • I carry an external battery for my iPhone, it keeps the phone running all day, on full charge, as well as using it for camera, map, etc. Then when I get back home the external battery is only at 50%
  • I often use the Flight mode to save battery, but next year I hope to be on a few longer rides hence the wish for a Garmin.
    I will look into an external battery methinx.
  • If you have an iPhone 4 I could sell you a very nice waterproof case that also trebles your battery life.
  • I am an Android Galaxy kinda guy. But thanks for the offer.
  • Yes, I use a Garmin 510 and connect via my iPhone 4S to Garmin Connect, using Livetrack for my wife to see where I am on the road