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Speedplay cleats advice needed

davojdavoj Posts: 190
edited December 2013 in Road general
I have Spiuk carbon soled shoes and new speedplay cleats and pedals and noticed the shoes are not mentioned on the compatible list of shoes on the speedplay website so I was wondering would it be a bad idea to use them? Also someone mentioned an adapter that can be used to make them compatible but I couldn't get any info on this.

Any help or feedback would be appreciated.



  • majormantramajormantra Posts: 2,094
    Speedplays come with a collection of shims to suit different shoes. Unless there's something unusual about the Spiuks I'd be surprised if you could make them fit.
  • Im using supplest shoes and their not listed either. really makes no difference I found as you get shims to suit non flat soled shoes.
  • The thing you need is to use the right shims to get that side of adaptor plate to match the curvature of the shoe sole with the other side (the side you fit cleat to) flat. Contact Speedplay and ask them about you're specific shoes they are really nice and helpful.
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