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Hi all,

didn't know where to ask this question...

Any of you use wallmounted bikeracks to store bikes?
Since my cycling is getting more and more my only hobby we now have 5 bikes already at home (...just my wife and me... :mrgreen: ) and in January I use the cycle-to-work-sceme to get a new mountainbike. So I really need some clever way of storing them in my garage. I found out that there are racks which are said to be capable of holding 2 bikes and found 1 brand (Cyclehoops Folding Bike Rack) that's capable of holding 3 bikes. I was wondering if any of you use this system to store bikes?



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    Welcome to the forum.

    This is a well discussed topic and you'd be better doing a search and reading the old posts - they will contain more information that you are likely to get from a fresh thread.
  • I use these, which means I can mount 5 bikes on one half of the garage wall. I found other options took up too much room.


    About £6 from Ebay. 8)

    And they still haven't turned my wheels oval.
  • I did a search Navrig, but found only bikeracks for 1 bike or car-bikeracks.

    Thanks for the suggestion Colinthecop, but 5 bikes side by side like that would need a lot off wall space no?

    The least spaceconsuming would be a bikerack for 2 or 3 bikes, just wondering who has experience with those.
  • RobNemoo wrote:
    Thanks for the suggestion Colinthecop, but 5 bikes side by side like that would need a lot off wall space no?

    No, I stagger them at alternate heights, one mounted at the top of the wall and the next mounted at the halfway height, I found that way it takes less room.
  • Didn't think of that... that would indeed save space.
  • If you go for the ebay option be warned that the rawl plugs that come with them are rubbish, one bike fell off the wall, thankfully it was my wife's!
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    Yeah, anchor bolts are preferable than the plugs and screws supplied with those hangers. My MTB fell of the wall the 1st night it was up, fortunately only a brake master cylinder clamp snapped. (And my temper.)
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    I use these.....About £6 from Ebay.

    Thanks for the idea, Colin.

    Just got 2 for a tenner from ebay :)
  • Thanks for the advice. Will have a look at the hardware store for some good anchor bolts.