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Exposure strada mk5

WhufcruleWhufcrule Posts: 131
edited November 2013 in Road beginners
Hi has any one out there got the exposure strada mk5 and could u please tell me if I have it on mode 1 on high power it gives me 3 hours if I have it on mode 6 on high power it gives me 10 hours my question is that are the high powers both the same amount off lumens or will mode 6 be less cos it lasts longer thanks in advance


  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,928
    Usually Exposure lights have differing levels of 'high' power. My Diablo came with an instruction sheet which detailed the lumens per level per mode. Might be worth seeing if you have that info?
  • RDWRDW Posts: 1,900
    There's always a tradeoff between brightness and runtime; you'll only get the full 800 lumens in the 3 hour modes. I didn't get a detailed list with my Mk 4 (which has the same maximum output as the Mk 5), but I assume the 10 hour modes are about 240 lumens (if there's a linear relationship between lumens and runtime). The difference in brightness should be easily visible.
  • Yeah I got little sheet off paper but it don't say on there what lumens do what if u know what I mean and I tried it on the 3 hr mode then the 10 hour mode and I couldn't tell any difference but maybe that was just me being stupid haha
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