Left leg weaker than right

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I got my first road bike (Wilier Montegruppa Xenon) in Feb 2013 and am loving it!
At the moment I find my right leg is doing more work than my left leg, my right is pushing whilst my left just seems to go with the flow, so to speak. I think that if my left leg performed as good as the right I would be a much better rider!
I do use cleats and find that this helps with the power but wondered if I really had to do specific exercises just to get my left leg stronger or is it something that everyone has when riding. i.e a weaker side?
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks :D


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    Very few (if any) people have an exact 50/50 balance, so if that's all it is, then I wouldn't worry about it. However, if your left leg is just following and you are not able to push effectively, then that sounds more like a muscle function issue - so maybe worth a visit to the docs, or physio.
  • Ahh your answer is what I think I should be finding out. If its a muscle thing! Yes my left leg doesn't seem to do much except when I really concentrate on just using the left side more. I think you're right I need to check it out. Thanks for the input.
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    Try hopping to and from work and also while out shopping (left leg only, of course) until you imbalance is redressed. It would be acceptable to hop to the bar, but upon return, laden with drinks, I would suggest a rest period where both legs may be used to avoid spillage. 8)
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    One leg chair squats.
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    If you have clipless pedals or toe straps why not try unclipping the right leg and pedal only with the left for a while.
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    1kg - 2kg ankle weight when walking around, weight amount depending on how much you need to build the strength up.