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Your experience of hospital following a crash

jamesesjameses Posts: 653
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I'm actually after a little bit of help with some uni work here. As a part of an assignment about teamworking and communication we have to come up with a brief scenario involving a patient's hospital experience. I thought a cyclist who had been knocked off would work fairly well for this, but I'm not great at just making this kind of thing up, so...

If you have been through hospital following an accident, I would appreciate your experiences (both good and bad please!) of the care you received. In particular, who was involved in your treatment (so paramedics, triage, nurses, doctors, radiographers, physio, etc.) and when they were involved, were you kept informed about what was going on, and whether or not the departments you visited seemed to communicate with each other.

The scenario itself doesn't actually count for any marks ( :evil: ) , but I would like to make it as realistic as possible so any help is much appreciated!


  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    Would be happy to help... Do you want me to PM you?
  • Broke my back....2 vertibra plus cracked eye socket 12 weeks ago..on mountain bike off road downhill also unconscious for 50 minutes. I was halfway down.

    Paramedic arrived pretty quick but soon realised I needed 4×4 ambulance to get me to the road this took about 30 minutes to get to me. It took me down to the road where I was transferred to normal lights to hospital.

    They xrayed and ct scanned me quickly and transferred me to acute injury ward immediately.

    A doctor came about an hour later to tell me the results, also that they had to defer to the spinal team from another hospital to confirm treatment.....they were considering if I needed surgery to stabilise spine.

    Got answer next morning no surgery but needed spine brace.

    Spine brace fitted on 3rd day.

    Overall in hospital 7 days.

    Over the week had daily visits from consultant....and as much morphine as I wanted.

    They admittedly wanted me out on day 5 but due to my partner being ill so I would have no carer they were happy for me to stay another two days.

    Overall I can't fault the service.....apart from the boredom my care was very good

    I think the rule is true...if you have a serious or life threatening condition the NHS is extremely good. Its when the problems are not serious that they are slow to deal with you.

    Hope that helps
  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    Ok here goes then ...
    Off at nearly 20mph on tarka trail near bideford. Right hand side hit Tarmac but head grass next to trail. Not quite unconscious but delirious and unable to move. Emergency ambulance called, arrived very quickly. Paramedics did ongoing assessment and got me on to stretcher with neck restraint. Obvious broken clavicle, likely broken ribs and low blood pressure therefore possible pneumo thorax and internal injuries. My score justified a full A&E theatre so blue light job while administering oxygen. Comprehensive tests on arrival revealed nothing untoward or life threatening

    Admitted to ward straight away and pain relief strategy started. Very regular updates from senior staff and very friendly and business like attitude at Barnstaple hospital. Consultant advised that clavicle would not heal naturally and would need plating. He would like to do the op straight away but could be dangerous until pneumo thorax healed. Discharged the following day with appropriate meds.

    Two weeks later, appointment at derriford fracture clinic above diagnosis confirmed and OP arranged for four days later. Full communication from consultant, surgeon and anaesthetist. Operation performed on time and went as planned. Sent to ward for post op recovery and pain management, discharged the following day.

    Regular assessment at fracture clinic and referral for local physio (a cyclist). Final consultation next week and hopefully all clear. First class service throughout. Oh and I was asked to talk to a group of visiting students about what it was like to be a trauma patient which was cool!
  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    Oh and they looked after my bike and kept my missus updated
  • jamesesjameses Posts: 653
    :shock: Sounds like you both had pretty nasty falls! Glad to hear of the positive experiences, at least. Thanks for the descriptions, and hope you're both doing well now!
  • Came off going downhill after hitting bump in the road and broke shoulder. Hospital experience not good, took 5 hours in total in A&E for x ray, then told to make an appointment for the fracture clinic. Earliest appt was 11 days later. Waiting at home in agony. Went to fracture clinic, Doc looks at x ray and after sharp intake of breath says "that's a mess", then "have you got private health insurance? If you have then use it otherwise you'll be waiting another 2 weeks to get treated". Luckily I have and three days later had a four hour op to insert titanium bracket and screws to get the ball joint re attached and located back onto the socket.
  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    Looking at your op... Paramedics team at scene of accident, liaise with theatre team at A&E deciding size of team and expertise needed. Radiographer part of initial team. Liaise with ward arrange ongoing pain relief, family, bike etc. discharge and ongoing referral to new hospital transfer of info and x rays. Arranging for and coordinating operation at short notice. Mrsa tests. Operating team and post OP care, physio and ongoing home recovery. Seems pretty complex operation now I think about it. Then there's bed space, cleaning, catering staff, pharmacy, handover between day and night staff. I'm sure there is loads I've forgotten but I remember being pretty boggled at how much is involved from so many people and how much they have to work together just for little old me
  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    @clickrumble... Sounds like the mistake you made was getting up. If you had stayed down and moaned you would have been sorted quicker...
  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    @je... Is that the sort of info you wanted?

    My overall feeling is how quickly you go from independence to utter helplessness and how much you rely on these guys to do their jobs properly
  • navrignavrig Posts: 1,352
    Two offs resulting in broken bones. Dealt with through three hospitals, 1. Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and 2. Dumfries and Galloway RI then Edinburgh again.

    In both incidents it can be summed up as:

    Administratively - dreadful

    Clinically - brilliant.

    Both involved x-rays, bone people and doctors. One involved a general and getting my thumb pinned the other I was discharged and told if it still hurts in 6 weeks come back. It didn't so I didn't.

    NHS - gets the (broken) thumbs up from me.
  • jamesesjameses Posts: 653
    @Mikey23 - spot on, thanks for that!

    @Clickrumble - pretty shocked to hear they sent you away with a dislocated shoulder and (by the sounds of it) fractured glenoid. Hope the shiney metal upgrade has at least been treating you well!

    @Navrig - from my limited experience so far, your summation seems pretty accurate.
  • It was the head of the humerus that broke off and dislocated, the x ray of the repair is very impressive. Was back on the bike in 3 months and then about 6 months of physio. It's fine now 2 years later. I would agree with the above that the admin was pretty poor. With the benefit of hindsight I should have insisted on a print of the x ray to take away from A&E as I really had no idea of the serious amount of damage that had been done, other than a lot of pain.
  • dandrewdandrew Posts: 175
    Broke my jaw in Richmond Park. A passing motorist put down his sunroof and put my bike on the back seat. A & E allowed me to take my bike in when I was being treated as I don't travel with a lock! Staff were very helpful at every stage.
  • ballysmateballysmate Posts: 15,903
    The Op is lucky to get so much information out of him because Mikey doesn't like to talk about it. :wink:
  • Can only speak on my OH's behalf but she was dropped at A&E by the taxi driver that hit her. She was seen to relatively quickly by the nurse on duty but had to wait around 5 hours in total to get xrayed and discharged. Unfortunately by this point it was too late to get any of the painkillers specified by the A&E doctor from the hospital pharmacy.

    Otherwise people were nice although luckily I was there to help her with some basic tasks (fetching blankets, helping her get to the loo etc) because no-one came to check on her at any point while she was waiting.
  • Hit by a car in spring 2011 resulting in a badly shattered radius and broken ulnar.

    No phone reception to call an ambulance but the first car on the scene was a GP on her way home. She bundled me into her car and drove me at high speed to hospital where I was immediately admitted and pain killing drugs were administered. X-rays were taken and my cycling clothes were removed – this is when it gets funny. The A&E nurse was a fellow roadie and he managed to get me out of my kit without cutting up my jersey, bibs and base layer. The only thing he had to cut off was the mitt on the broken arm and he was quite apologetic about it! I was then given a temporary cast type thing and wheeled off to a private room.

    Up early for my surgery and I was operated on by yet another roadie (multiple Etape rider) and even the feckin anaesthetist was a roadie!!! This was before Strava kicked in round here and I’ve subsequently found out that they’re rivals – had they known this pre surgery I’m sure I’d have woken up with an egg whisk for an arm and one of my feet amputated.

    Post op I was in for a few days and left to administer my own pain relief when I felt it was required – bad move – I managed to give myself a whitey and had the self-administration taken off me :lol:

    I had regular physio and return visits to the fracture clinic. Unfortunately the metalwork became infected and I had to spend a bit of Xmas 2011/12 in hospital having it all taken out again.

    Overall I couldn’t be happier about my NHS experience. A top job from one and all.
  • unixnerdunixnerd Posts: 2,864
    Broke my wrist on the 1st of October about 4pm. Fell of mtb when out doing the shopping, my own fault. Walked 500m to local docs in Aviemore where they x-rayed me and emailed the pics to the consultant in Inverness. They put a cast on me in Aviemore then taken by ambulance to Inverness (developed a taste for Entenox on the way).

    Operated on next day, 1200 quid titanium plate put in wrist and a big bandage put on my arm (not a cast). Let home two days later. Three weeks later the bandage was removed in Inverness, wrist x-rayed and I was given a wrist brace to wear.

    I was able to drive after five weeks and cycle after six, managed 20 miles and it hurt a bit especially in the drops. I had full use of my hand pretty quickly and the wrist is coming along nicely. Treated very professionally by all involved. Having an x-ray machine in our village and the facility to send the pics to a consultant in Inverness has been a game changer for my local GPs, we get a lot of skiing injuries. Care was very good, especially in the ambulance and on the ward. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • I got knocked off whilst racing. The paramedics, air ambulance and A&E staff were all brilliant. The Registrar was very good, but he deferred to another specialist who didn't really seem to care about me at all.

    By far the worst part of it all was the follow up care, it seemed that the emergency side of the care was very good, but all other areas were barely adequate.
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  • thegibdogthegibdog Posts: 2,106
    In my experience the staff were all pleasant to deal with but communication was an issue.

    Got taken out by a car on Friday 27th September. Was dealt with swiftly at A&E and was informed following x-rays that my clearly broken collarbone was indeed broken but I wouldn't need surgery. Sent home with an appointment for Monday's fracture clinic where I was informed that I also had a broken scapula (glenoid neck displaced & angulated fracture) and wold need surgery. Had further x-rays and was sent to A&E for a CT scan. Informed A&E reception what I was there for only to be called in to see an A&E consultant. Consultant: "What can I do for you?" Me: "Er, I'm here for a CT scan"... A&E consultant was very nice about it and personally escorted me to the place for CT scan, following which the orthopaedic department told me they'd call me to arrange surgery later in the week.

    Didn't receive a call so I chased them up and was told I'd need to come back in to do a 3d reconstructive scan, which after further phone calls turned out they'd just be doing a 3d reconstruction using the CT scan I'd had on the Monday. Was told I'd be having surgery on the following Tuesday and they'd call Monday morning to confirm. Again no phone call so I called and was told it'd still probably be Tuesday so I should go nil be mouth and expect a call by 9.30am to confirm. 9.30 came and went so I called and was told to come in for day surgery.

    Had the surgery (plates on clavicle and scapula) and was set to go home the next day but radiographer informed me I had a large pneumothorax and wouldn't be going anywhere! Had a chest drain inserted and the assistant surgeon came to have a chat and told me these things happen as sometimes the drill slips. The main surgeon later visited me and told me that he would've known if the drill had slipped and my pneumothorax was more likely caused when they were manipulating my bones. Neither apologised, I assume so as not to implicate themselves.

    Spent four nights in hospital and was told I'd receive a letter the following week for an orthopaedic follow up. Again, received nothing and had to call them. I get the feeling I would still be sat here waiting for surgery if I had waited for them to contact me!
  • themekonthemekon Posts: 197
    Had a crash whilst racing. Evening club TT.Woke up in ambulance not knowing why I was there or anything leading up to being there. Long story short had multiple cuts and abrasions with 13 stitches in my face.
    As the evening wore on I remembered who I was and address but still could not remember anything that caused me to be there.
    Discharged at 1.30 in the morning still wearing shredded skinsuit and having to walk in bare feet.
    Had to book a taxi .
    I always though that if you suffered concussion you were kept in just to be on the safe side. Wrong there then.
  • slowmartslowmart Posts: 4,409
    Spiral fracture of the tim and fib.

    The care and compassion are first class but I found the facility massively under resourced. On check ups for more x rays the waiting time from the appointment time to finishing is on average three hours. Through a fourteen week process thats about five visits in total which doesn't include the first visit upon breaking my leg.

    The only other feedback was i've seen different consultants every time. On one occasion the vet was saying everything was fine but his body language and expression said otherwise. On the next visit he has left no notes…….Which was the only aspect wasn't happy with.
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  • kingstoniankingstonian Posts: 2,847
    Slowmart wrote:
    Spiral fracture of the tim and fib.

    The care and compassion are first class but I found the facility massively under resourced. On check ups for more x rays the waiting time from the appointment time to finishing is on average three hours. Through a fourteen week process thats about five visits in total which doesn't include the first visit upon breaking my leg.

    The only other feedback was i've seen different consultants every time. On one occasion the vet was saying everything was fine but his body language and expression said otherwise. On the next visit he has left no notes…….Which was the only aspect wasn't happy with.

    I wouldn't have been massively happy seeing a vet instead of a doctor..... :D
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