Vittoria Open Pave Isogrip

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Do you find the Isogrip needs some running in time to grip properly or does it do the job "out of the box"?
Good on damp roads?

After an off this morning I'm trying to weigh up how much is user error!

(I have the 2013 25c's and they are new)
Cheers, Stu


  • marcusjb
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    Any new tyre will have a little bit of release agent from the mould left on it - it'll scrub off in a few dozen km. It's always worth giving new tyres a good wash with soapy water if you're fitting them before rainy weather.

    I've not ridden the new Isogrip Open Pave, but the older ones were very good in wet conditions.

    Be interested to hear feedback on the new compound - they are a great tyre, light and fast, but cut very easily and are not overly durable.
  • dowtcha
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    New tyres need to be scrubbed in. They have a coating that helps in the removing of the tyre from the mold. It can take a few rides for this coating to wear off so you need to be extra careful. Best not to do this when its damp. If this was the cause of you off its hard to know, could be the tyres/oil/bad luck.
  • duckson
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    I was going over some tram tracks that I've been over many times before.... 99% sure it was user error. Tyres only had about 3-4 miles on them.
    Cheers, Stu
  • keef66
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    Tram lines in the wet? I wouldn't be blaming the tyres...
  • duckson
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    Yep i think you are right!
    Cheers, Stu