Tubular road side/home repair kit

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On the back of a good deal for some Fulcrum Racing Zero's, I have become a 'convert' to Tubular tyres.
I was a bit concerned to begin with as my around town daily bike and all my supplies are for clincher rims and tyres; but its all good fun and something new to learn out on the bike and at home.

Now I need to confirm my shopping list and hope some more experienced voices can help! He's what I'm planning to stock up on & carry. Anything missing? Suggestions?

Out on the road:
- Micro pump (got)
- Superglue (got)
- Patches (got)
- Tyre sealant (Tufo extreme)
- Maybe a Zefal/Vittoria/other air canister with sealant? (I have a couple of decathalon ones already)
... Do I really have to carry another (pre cemented) tyre? Superglue + patch or sealant seems pretty robust.

At home, above, plus:
- A couple of spare tyres
- Rim cement

For the tyres, they've come with conti giro's, but I'm sorely tempted to change up for the winter and get some Conti sprint gatorskins. A couple of the loops around home just love to give you punctures as well. Any insight on tyre choices also appreciated.

Bonne route!


  • I'm in a similar situation with new wheels and tubulars - check whether your sealant is for butyl or latex tubes. I think Tufo is for butyl and Vittoria for latex. Don't know what continentals are on the inside.
  • I don't carry any of that - I carry a pre-taped tub rolled up in a plastic bag and an inflator. P/X 50mm carbons and P/X 80mm carbons.

    Get puncture. Rip off flat tub. Throw in nearest garden. Pop on pre-taped tub. Inflate. Ride off.

    The pre-taped one is an old one that I've changed but still serviceable enough for a few thousand miles as I know that I'll never get around to changing it once its on.

    I used to carry sealant foam but realised that I had no idea how to use it should I get a puncture at the side of the road.

    I've Conti Sprinters (non Gator) for years with no punctures (he says tempting fate) and Tufo S3 Lites for two years - again, no punctures.


  • I used to carry sealant foam but realised that I had no idea how to use it should I get a puncture at the side of the road.
    It's not tricky, you just squirt it in! Works a treat if hole not too big.
    I've Conti Sprinters (non Gator) for years with no punctures (he says tempting fate) and Tufo S3 Lites for two years - again, no punctures.

    Yep, in my experience, tubs puncture much less than clinchers.
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    Thanks for the opinions folks. Keep 'em coming.
    Both this - and some previous threads consulted - are of great use in accelerating the 'tubs' knowledge :)
  • think it makes a difference where you ride - you mentioned regular flatting?

    A friend of mine started riding three years ago, first wheels were 404 tubs - he's never flatted and never carried anything except a mobile phone (and does a lot of riding)

    I have had two non-pinch flats in two years (20,000km), neither of them where I normally ride.

    Think I'll carry some sealant and crossed fingers!
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    I carry superglue, Tufo sealant and a CO2 cartridge for those punctures that can be dealt with at the road side. No need for patches as I'm not going to be picking the tyre apart to fix it at the road side. I also carry a pre-glued Tufo tyre in a plastic bag should I get a puncture that can't be fixed at the road side. Again, I use Conti Sprinters.
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    claddo wrote:
    At home, above, plus:
    - A couple of spare tyres
    - Rim cement
    Surely you'll want to get a tubular tyre repair kit w/needle and thread and thin patches...
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  • I've got a Conti Giro stuffed in a sealskinz waterproof sock that I've velcroed to my saddle rails. That, a lever (to get started), CO2 and a mini pump.

    My one experience of Vittoria Cafe Stop Latex sealant was a messy one. I won't be bothering again even if in hindsight it's probably great for thorns and other things that cause small nicks.
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    I'm cursed with tubs.

    I've only had them for racing - so they're my best wheels and I typically just ride them for a month or two before the A race of the year. I've had four flats in that time - and its probably about 16 -20 weeks of riding. One of those flats did have sealant in anyway - but a piece of metal cut the tub too big to seal.

    By comparison - I can't actually remember the last time I had one on my clinchers. Its quite bizarre.

    The only repair kit I carried with them was another tub.
  • What happens if you just carry a spare tub and have more than on puncture on a ride? T'other night I came round a corner and found that the farmer had been trimming back the hedges and there were thorns and all manner of pointy bits scattered across the road. Thought I'd made it through but ended up having to fix 4 punctures over the next 5 miles (had to head home early as I was running out of patches!)
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    Ring for backup ! Like I did the time two tub went within 100 yards of each other.

    Its such a rare occasion though - thorns excluded.
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    Thanks again folks, will try and avoid those hedgerows!
    Wiggle goodies on order.
    May be a moment before I get the sewing kit out... But hey, all worth a shot :D
    Here's to joining the tubs community
  • I'm probably being a little dim, but what is the super glue for?
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    Carry a spare or two.
  • dennisn wrote:
    Carry a spare or two.

    Two tubs is excessive. You need to leave enough space for the truing stand.
  • Well, I shouldn't have mentioned the P word.

    Got this year's 1st puncture today - that's 10 000km puncture free.

    In front wheel, Vittoria CX tub.

    FIxed it with Decathlon foam, went up to about 7 bar. No sign of hole.

    Was 15km into an 85km ride, but felt confident enough to continue (phone would have been the next 'repair kit'!).

    All fine, got back and pressure was down to about 5.5 bar. (I think CO2 leaks out faster than normal air?) Tub will be fine when pumped fully back up again.
  • claddo
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    Sorry if we've jinxed you berni!! (on the plus side, seems pretty resistant with just some foam to crack on another 70km)

    The superglue, Andy, is used once you have picked offending stone, splinter out - you can give a couple of dabs from the outside to seal. To complement the tyre sealant + air OR 'pitstop' cannister+sealant applied on the inside.

    If you're really struggling, I have seen you can use the superglue from the outside and secure a patch with it.
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    for on road tub repairs i carry...

    tufo extreme sealant - works fine with latex tubes, it's the chunkiest sealant i've found, so best chance of blocking holes
    valve core tool - need it to get the sealant in
    spare pre-glued tub in a plastic bag - one of the 160g tufo ones, rolls up to be a bit bigger than an inner tube
    a lezyne matrix tyre lever - sometimes the tub is stuck so well that i'd blister fingers if i didn't use the lever, it's safe on cf rims

    fwiw i just retired a veloflex carbon after a long eventful life - one big cut needing it opened up for repair, another that the tufo fixed, then another that the tufo fixed, and finally another that the tufo fixed, reason to retire it in the end was wear, i used to test the tufo seals at 10bar, they all held fine

    at home you need a decent needle, a thimble, thread (i use 30lb braided dacron, but there're umpteen good options), patches (normal thin ones work fine), glue, something to cut threads with, also keep old tyres to use for materials to patch casing cuts, spare tube etc.
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