Road racing on a cx bike

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Is it acceptable?

Raced road for the last two seasons back home in Ireland, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Recently moved to London, like the idea of trying out a bit of cx for a change, but can't really keep more than the one bike in the flat. I currently have my road training bike here with me for training and commuting on, and am selling my racing bike back home in Ireland this week. I've been considering selling my training bike (dolan preffisio with 105) and getting a nice cx bike on my BTW, something like a condor Terra-X.

There is secure parking in work, so not too worried about riding a good bike in and out.

My main concern is whether I'll be able to use a cx bike for the odd road race, should the mood ever take me. I'm aware of the subtle differences in geometry, but has anybody ever raced a cx bike on the road?

I'll probably get something with canti brakes as opposed to discs, as I have a few pairs of road wheels I'd like to keep using.


  • I don't see why not, your legs will make more difference than a couple of mm BB height or degrees head angle.

    Just watch out for the snobs.
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    I've seen one raced in a crit, don't see why it would be a problem with cantis or mini-Vs. I suspect comms would be iffy about discs given that they haven't been approved for road racing.
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    As above - CX with cantis = yes. CX with disks = no.
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    Deadly, 100% agree with the man being more important than the machine, was more worried about turning up to a road race and not being allowed to race.
  • Raced mine in 3 races at Hog Hill and the Cyclopark this year, no difference whatsoever to my road bike. In fact my carbon CX is stiffer in the headtube and BB than my Cervelo R3SL.

    If you're racing, at least fit a 50 tooth ring on the front. They cost £25 at Ribble or CRC so not expensive. DOn't worry about the small ring, you wont need it.

    If you want a good bike that's 95% as effective on the road and 100% more effective off road than any road-only bike, check out something carbon like this: ... TEGRA-2013

    Condor Terra X doesn't slow Mick Bell down but Alu sucks vs a tremendously constructed frame like the SuperX.
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    Damien Gaudin uses Colnago Prestige in the Paris Roubaix....
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    Thanks for the replies chaps, raced on a 50t in my first season, don't feel that was my limiting factor at the time, reckon I could get away with it again.

    That cannondale superx looks the job, but will be a bit out of my price range, and I'm not sure how I'd feel about looping a D-lock through the rear triangle of a carbon frame...I was actually considering something along the lines of this, with a few extra touches (thomson seatpost and stem, fizik kium saddle, nicer chainset).

    Would be interested to hear opinions on the colnago aluminium frame...
  • It's not a case of it being a bit dodgy. Disk brakes, as on Condor Terra X, are currently banned for use on road bikes under UCI rules and thus, by extension, BC rules. If anyone has raced road or circuit races with them on, it is because nobody does bike checks any more, none of the other riders knew the rules or couldn't be bothered to complain and the organisers and commissaires weren't doing their jobs.

    Sorry to be the kill-joy on this one. I just don't want you to be embarrassed when you come up against the officious type of commissaire. The simple solution would be to improve bike storage at your flat, so that you can store more than one bike. Ceiling hooks are good. Heaven knows how a serious cyclist can get by with just one bike to hand.
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    Did you read the thread? We covered the brake issue.
  • I'm contemplating selling my Salsa Chilli Con Crosso frame and fork if you're interested
  • Did you read the thread? We covered the brake issue.

    I did. One person said it would be OK, one person said he had race one in a criterium (probably neglecting the disk brake touch). Nobody actually stated that it is banded by the UCI. Sorry for giving a thorough answer.
    To err is human, but to make a real balls up takes a super computer.