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Upgrade old bike componets or buy new.... Help

GoldludeGoldlude Posts: 36
edited December 2013 in MTB beginners
Hi All,

Not been out on my MTB for a while as ive been road cycling more. However thinking that now the weather is going down hill I should get out XCountry again.

I have a 2006 Giant XTC SX, that has been great, however im in two minds to upgrade the components or look for something new, problems with finding something new are down to size I need a big frame, being 6ft5.

So looking at components and cost so far:-

Shimano M771 XT 10 Cassette = £39.99
Shimano M770 XT 10 Speed Triple Chain set = £90
Shimano M780 Deore XT 10 Speed Rear Mech = £41.99
Shimano M771 XT Conventional 3x10 Front Mech £20.49

Total so far £192.49
Also looking at new shocks and possibly breaks

Thoughts on the above set up would be appreciated

Alternatively look for a new bike..

Thanks in advance


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    What would be your budget for a new bike?
  • oldbazzaoldbazza Posts: 646
    Why not just upgrade a few bits at a time;would also give you time to look for second-hand stuff or nab bits when sales and promotions are on.
    Ridley Helium SL (Dura-Ace/Wheelsmith Aero-dimpled 45 wheels)

    Light Blue Robinson(105 +lots of Hope)

    Planet X XLS 1X10(105/XTR/Miche/TRP Spyre SLC brakes

    Graham Weigh 105/Ultegra
  • Thanks for the feedback

    Umm budgets well if I was going to by new id be looking at Rose or Canyon so not cheap.

    The prices of the parts found are in the sales now. I reckon with new shocks and a service it would cost 500 to upgrade all the bits.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The frame is decent - xc focused if that is what you need. I'd be looking at a Reba/SID fork, SLX parts at least. Can the new bike match that?
  • ED-864ED-864 Posts: 11
    If you need to change a whole load of components it will be more expensive in the long run to upgrade bit by bit, so it may be best to buy new if you can afford it. If your Giant is in reasonable condition you could try selling it to take the sting out of the initial price of a new bike.
    Upgrading components can be a good way to build a custom bike while still being able to ride and selling the components as you replace them or keeping them all until you replace all of them and then selling the bike whole can help aswell.
  • Don't really see point of 10 speed personally
  • Thanks for that insightful remark.
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