What do people put on over bibshorts to keep warm

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During the winter even full length bibs aren`t good enough to stop the old man getting cold.

Just wondered what people do? Do you put underwear on or put on overwear?


  • farrina
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    It may be that you need warmer (as in thicker material) winter bib tights or if this does not work I suppose you could go with bib shorts under bib tights (without insert).

    If you have tried all the above I am somewhat mystified - are you generally sensitive to the cold ?


  • kwi
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    As suggested, unlined tights over lined shorts.
  • slowbike
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    When it gets really cold I wear shorts, unpadded 3qtrs and then unpadded full tights
  • farrina
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    Slowbike wrote:
    When it gets really cold I wear shorts, unpadded 3qtrs and then unpadded full tights
    You must be "well hard" as in such circumstances I curl up by the fire (although in my wilder "youth" days I do remember discovering that my water bottle had frozen solid)


  • marcusjb
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    Summer weight bibs on their own aren't going to cut it at even this time of the year. As others have said, wear longs over them or get thicker bibs (with a fleecy lining).

    Once winter kicks in, I tend to be wearing fleeced-lined bib shorts with fleece-lined (unpadded) bib tights. If it's very cold, I sometimes use a thermal long-john between the shorts and tights - but that's for long rides in very cold temperatures.

    Everyone's reaction to cold is different (I really feel it), so you do have to work out what's best for you.
  • diamonddog
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    Roubaix bibs do it for me with tight fitting 'speedo' type under pants for when it is really cold. :shock:
  • I wear warmer bibs. Not all that helpful I know but it's true, not all biblongs are the same, some thicker than others and some have wind resistance built in (like the Castelli Sorpasso Wind that I've just treated myself to, better bloody work at the price though).
  • edhornby
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    I hae the planetx ones (no pad)- fine for most temperatures down to the point where it's no fun/too icy to be realistic to ride, not too expensive either

    in autumn/spring I wear a pair of ronhill running tights that are just enough to keep the worst of the cold wind off when commuting
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    Roubaix tights over normal padded shorts - never had a problem even in early morning, -5 degree commutes.
  • Bobbinogs
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    Normal summer weight bib shorts but with decent legwarmers underneath. The Nanoflex ones I have go from the top of my ankles right to the crease below my buttocks (!) so I don't feel the need for anything more :)
  • Another good deep-winter alternative to the padded bibshorts + unpadded roubaix bibtights (which I also wear):

    Cheap (i.e. very thin pad) non bib shorts + padded winter bibtights such as the excellent DHB Vaeon Zero. The advantage of this set up is that for commuting you can just change to another pair of cheap shorts and also you don't have two sets of braces one over the other. Shorts branded "Triathlon" can be had very cheap and they have very thin padding. Another advantage is that your crown jewels have a little bit of extra insulation.

    As long as the "undershorts" have a waistband that doesn't dig in, it can be a great combo for even long rides around zero C.
  • kwi wrote:
    As suggested, unlined tights over lined shorts.
    +1 keep me nice and warm.

    takes a 3 miles but after that great job.was down to 4 degrees tonight and was ok :P
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