Do all bike? Specialized secteur sport/elite disc?

Graeme Jones
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After doing a recent 117 mile with 7500ft of elevation gain it got me thinking how important a comfortable bike is in this equation.
I have a defy 3 2012 model and it did the job alright but certainly not comfortable ( crap saddle)

I have recently got my bike ready for winter and added the defy mudguards are lights along with buying some winter clothing which really helps with the guards in place.

With the ongoing n+1 discussion in play it got me thinking would it be better to-

Get rid of the defy to a friend and buy something like the specialized secteur and utilise its 30mm tyres, disc breaks with loads of clearance for guards even at 32mm tyres. In the summer get a set of 23mm tyres for faster paced riding.

Keep the defy but upgrade a few bits to make it more speedy for the summer rides in which I want to push my limits and buy a secteur and kit it as a poor weather bike.

Or the more expensive option of getting the Defy 1 comp I've wanted since the new range come out and get rid of the aluminium defy 3 and then when next winter come gets something for winter then.

My riding is all for fitness and ranges from fast flat rides for 20-30 miles in the evenings keeping a high tempo or hit the hills.
Days off can be a fast 50 to a moderate century.
I plan to keep the mileage going all through the winter which my current defy will achieve.


  • cougie
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    Er - just get a new saddle ? Charge Spoon is about £20 and well liked.

    Maybe look at a new summer bike next year.
  • Haha I was waiting for that. I should have been clearer yes the saddle is poor but the bike as a whole is very harsh even with 25mm tyres on. I'm thinking of something for winter riding and capable of soaking up some of the more chewed up roads
  • chris_bass
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    I'm not sure if any of what you have suggested is actually an upgrade on what you already have, you might end up with 2 very similar bikes.

    If I were you I'd kit the defy out for winter, use it all through the winter and save up and get a really decent bike in the spring, as for getting rid of road buzz, I have a basso laguna and the frame is great, really comfortable even on some pretty rough roads (assuming you try and avoid potholes and don't just cycle straight over them anyway!!) - a site for sore eyes
  • cougie
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    What PSI are you using ?
  • I have varied tyre pressures when I am at a lower psi it is a touch more comfortable but not tremendously. Are you from the Wirral Cougie?
  • carrock
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    Not being rude but why swap one average bike for another.? Better to keep the defy as a winter bike and save for a high end carbon bike that will be lighter stiffer and more responsive. Will also soak up more road buzz so will be more comfortable.....
  • cougie
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    And yes Graeme - why do you ask ?