Carbon frame check Brighton

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Anyone recommend somewhere in Brighton to check my carbon frame that seems to have a possible crack in it after an inconspicuous knock?


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    They are probably all to busy partying and organising gay pride events :-)
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    If you have a competent LBS, I would take it to them for inspection. Failing that, ride it and see if the crack gets any bigger.
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    Speak to Alistair

    He's down your way and extremely good with all things carbon
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    rule 5 bikes in fiveways recently opened LBS ...seems a decent bloke and knows his stuff...or rayments ..near preston circus did a good service in thye summer on my Allez...they are a spesh dealer but have a good rep for servicing
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    Having a look online, when I do the knock test there is not change in note when tapping over the crack. But it looks really suspicious to me. I have ridden it since and on the turbo and the crack has not increased in size.

    This is my first and a new carbon frame bike. I have no idea about if they damage easily (It was an inconspicuous knock to the front wheel), if they can be repaired and how much it costs, as it may be worth just buying a new frame in that case - bloody hell:(, only put 100km on the thing
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    is that a planet x bike?..I want to get me one of those soon
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    If it turns out you have cracked the frame then give this guy a call

    Mike Nelthorpe
    HQ Fibre Products. Tel: 01603 713972. Vale Farm Workshop, Blofield Rd, Lingwood, Norwich, Norfolk NR13 4AJ

    He does fantastic work at a good price with a quick turnaround .
    I smashed the chain stay on mine and it was back with me within 4 days and came to 80 quid including the vat .
    I didn't have to post my frame to him as im local but obviously that will cost a few quid more .
    He`s a lovely old boy and extremely helpful about all things carbon . He showed me all around his workshop and we had a really good chat about his drag bike racing and all the parts he builds for those along with all the frames and parts he had in his workshop .
    Things would have to be extremely destroyed to be unrepairable or expensive enough to warrant buying a new frame .
  • I'd imagine 'crack' and 'Brighton' provide a fairly clouded google search - the bike shop will just tell you it's/appears cracked and loosely suggest you get it repaired or best case offer you a discounted frame. most repaired carbon frames never seem to restore confidence to the owner at the same time - imo if the stays are damaged the frame is a write off.