Strava - how does it pick up riders in a large event?

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I've noticed on large sportives (500+) Strava rarely has more than my immediate ride buddies logged, it will say "Dave and one other rode such and such".

On Saturday I did a Harwoods Jaguar Ride Like a Pro event in Midhurst, Sussex. It was a great day out btw. 68 of us registered and I have been watching the weekly leaderboard for the last 4 or 5 weeks. This is cumulative so it shows all rides any one has uploaded in a week, there doesn't seem to be any way of isolating one day and seeing who did what. This only matters on the event day, all the rest of the time we are all off doing our own thing.

I didn't do a head count on the morning, but I would have said over 50 turned up, maybe all that were registered. I don't know how many people have uploaded their ride on the day, but all day yesterday it only looked like myself and my two mates did the event. One of them started his Garmin 3 km in, so his data looks different to us other two, which is to be expected.

The participants have been discussing this, and a couple posted segments of the whole ride, one of which showed 11 taking part, one just a solo ride.

In the interests of research (!) I made a segment of the whole ride and then three separate "thirds". I was the only one on them initially but the leaderboards then began to fill up.

Whole ride - - 15 riders

1st third - - 15

Middle third - - 26

Last third - - 24.

I don't understand how the numbers can vary so much, anyone any ideas?


  • Omar Little
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    The bit that tells you who you rode with is dependent on you riding a certain percentage of the segments in your ride within a minute of the other rider. I think they've tweaked this slightly in the last year or so as it used to show a greater number of other riders.

    As for the variation in the number doing the segments - it is likely that there were other riders covered the roads in a particular segment but were not part of the event so wouldnt show up in the full route, or if someone who did the event but was using a device with less accurate gps it may not have tracked their ride accurately and thus missed the start or finish of the segment.
  • This way in which inaccurate tracking leads to duplication of segments bugs me. On one hill climb I ended up 8th of all-time just because the tracking at the start was so way out. On the 'real' version there were several times more riders and I was of course nowhere!
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    I've noticed today that inaccuracies have been sharpened up. I do an out and back with a loop at the end which would record me as on the seg even though I went around the lop the other way... I think because I did over 70% of the waypoints. I see that this no longer happens