28h deep carbon rim reccomendation

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I've a 28h fixed Powertap SL+ which is laced onto a DT Swiss shallow box section rim. I can't remember the model off hand.
I'm doing a lot of track racing & would like a faster wheel built around this so I'm looking for deep section Carbon rim suggestions, but I'm struggling to come up with 28h options.

I'd appreciate suggestions.



  • KInlin XR 300 (also called IRD cadence aero) or Velocity Deep V?
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    Notorious rims are carbon and come in 28H clincher. It is either that or you have got get some made. I have found a supplier/factory in the far east who will do custom drillings but the lead time is long. I am waiting for my first samples - one is a 28H 38mm deep carbon tubular rim.
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