Accidental Damage Insurance

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Hi, I've recently started commuting and after nearly going into the back of someone's car due to my terrible braking in the wet, I starting thinking about how I would pay for any damage done to the car.

Is there a policy I can take out that covers for this type of incident, or say if you lost your sh*t while filtering and fell into the side of a car knocking off a wing mirror or caused a massive scratch?

I have been looking at membership with British Cycling, would the 'Up to £10m third party liability insurance' part of the membership cover me for this? ... membership

(I did have this over in the commuters section (now deleted) but I suppose it could apply to all cyclists)


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    Yes, joining a club almost always give you liability insurance, though it may only cover club rides. You can also insure your bike for accidental damage, personal injury and 3rd party liability.
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    BC membership covers this. It also gives you legal cover, including pursuing the other party if they are at fault.
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    Smashing, thanks
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    Another +1 for BC membership

    It doesn't cover your own bike - just everyone/thing else you take out in the carnage!

    I believe CTC membership offer similar cover.