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guys i want to change the forks on my specialized allez,i was thinking of fitting these /similar... ... 1438.l2649

my question is -as this is an integrated fork(which i dunno wat the difference is!) im hoping it will look the same as my standard fork when fitted where the fork joins the frame at the bottom bit(arrowed)
my standard setup (below) i think it looks really neat and will it look the same as this?-


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    The new fork is compatible, which is about all anyone can say. Why do you want to change it?
  • I wouldn't bother.

    At best it'll look OK, at worst it might look awful (if the outside diameters don't perfectly match up, as you have rightly feared).

    Also, although full carbon it weighs 580g which is very heavy for a carbon fork, so I'm not sure you'd be gaining much in weight.

    (And besides you need to save your money so you can buy my leg warmers!!)
  • Ah, a downgrade! :D
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    ok thanks chaps!