Should your clothing match your bike?

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I know you can wear what you want, but it doesn't hurt to look a little bit smart on your bike.

My bike is black&white, I've just got a white helmet, and I'm debating what colour for my jersey & shorts without looking like a Mobile Zebra Crossing.

Any advice or what are you guys/girls wearing ?


  • turnerjohn
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    yes it should !

    what I don't get is PPL who wear a race team kit but not the bike .....CLASH !
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    Black and white is a bit generic but fine. It's ok to add 1 other colour to your kit.
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    Yes. It becomes trickier when you join a club though.
  • It doesn't really matter - mine matches my club kit though.

    What bike do you ride?
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    Do what you want, just remember that the general non-cycling public will largely think you just look like a pillock in spandex anyway, and a large section of cyclists will think you look like a pillock if you are riding a current full pro-team kit (with extra pillock points if you are slow/fat).
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    Just be comfortable and don't worry about it. If it makes you feel better on your bike go for it ;)
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    Just like on a catwalk, if you have the body and the moves, you can get away wearing almost everything.
    If you don't, stick with plain, understated colours/designs.

    As for lycra itself, aesthetically speaking there is nothing wrong with it per se. It's only people with "sub-optimal body composition" trying too hard to look like "proper" cyclists (pros) give it a bad PR :wink:
  • rolf_f
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    Anything other than plain black for shorts looks like it is trying too hard to me. Otherwise, on a black and white bike pretty much any jersey will look as good as it can do.

    But it hardly matters. Our club kit is yellow, black and red - people have all sorts of colour bikes and I can't say I've ever thought "Oh, look at him - the club kit clashes with his bike".......
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    It doesn't really matter - mine matches my club kit though.

    What bike do you ride?

    CAAD 10
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    Definitely not if you ride a stealth bike. :shock:
  • You will love Rapha if you can afford it!
    If you ride fast enough, no one can see them colours clashing, whatever you wear!
  • Some Pringle clothing really sets a bike off, particularly the socks. John Lewis also offer a range of clothing with little boats as the logo, Nautica? mainly blues but they have some really good pastel shades that give a warm look to your road attire.
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    If you've got a black and white bike, you can pretty much wear any colour.
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    I'm amazed at this question.... really.
  • mpatts
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    I have a couple of Planet X Jerseys, and it's somehow wrong to wear them when riding the PX.
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  • mpatts wrote:
    I have a couple of Planet X Jerseys, and it's somehow wrong to wear them when riding the PX.

    I wore my celeste Bianchi jersey and bianchi bib on a sportive. Another rider latched on my wheel and commented that matching bike and kit was the height of good taste. I realised why when he took the front on his PX wearing full PX kit.

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    I saw a bloke on a red, white and black Specialized wearing red, white and black clothes, a red, white and black Specialized helmet and red Specialized shoes. It looked like he was trying too hard!
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  • Lets not pretend we don't all have that little bit of tart in us that wants to look good, but that doesn't have to mean matching necessarily. Just good colour combos.
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    Simples just buy bikes to match all of your different outfits, that what everyone does isn't it ...? :roll:
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    My bike is Black and White.... my bibs and jerseys are mostly black with a bit of white and a bit of Lime Green. A Mate of mine has got a white and blue bike and wears Black and Blue clothing.