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If you're looking to buy wheels for showoff - bling value - hey look at me I look like pro, then I would suggest buying whatever YOU think makes you look like a pro and not what someone else recommends. After all, you're the one who needs to get it set in your head that you look the part. Doesn't really matter about brands or weight or clincher or tubular or performance because you're only interested in looks and most likely don't ride enough, let alone race, to have any of that matter.

As for the few people looking to buy an actual set of high performance wheels, asking opinions on this forum will get you as many different answers as there are wheels to pick from. Which makes the whole idea a kind of moot point in that you have no way to sort out anything amidst all the bauble from everyone and you therefore end up buying the ones you like the looks of best. And that puts you right back in the first category.


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    Great start Dennis but what is the minimum I need to spend to make me 2.3 mph faster?
  • Where can I get the cheapest, nice looking carbon wheels that are disc brake compatible ?
  • Handbuilts or RS80????
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    Bobbinogs wrote:
    Great start Dennis but what is the minimum I need to spend to make me 2.3 mph faster?

    Not sure how much they cost but they're the ones that come with a new, much more powerful, set of legs and lungs.
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    Sandyballs wrote:
    Handbuilts or RS80????

    Both, of course. And most likely at least half a dozen other types, in various sizes, shapes, and configurations. Plus enough money in the bank to buy "the very latest" whenever they appear on the scene. Otherwise how can you really consider yourself a cyclist or poser or racer. Having what the pro's rode in the TDF tells people who you are and that you are to be reckoned with because, after all, you do have the wheels to prove it. Your chicken legs and pitiful racing results may not reflect this, but all those wheels will bring you the respect you deserve.
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    Grumpy old sod, you are.
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    DesWeller wrote:
    Grumpy old sod, you are.

    It's my hobby. :wink:
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