The Alpine Challenge ?

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Seen this after the ToB last night. Anyone know approx how much it costs ??


  • Lovley area. That's pretty much our week in the Alps plus a ride up the Colombier. Stage 2 goes right past the chalet - and the Corix Fry from that side will be taxing ;-)

    No idea how much it'll be but isn't Haute Route about £3k?
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    Fecking sure im no paying three grand for four days escorted pain with nae flights included but it its two or less im keen.
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    Their London to Paris event seems to cost around 1,700 euros. I have a feeling the Alpine Challenge is north of £2k.
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    Found last years prices, around the £1500 mark.

    Next question is though, what level of rider enters this type of event ?? I know there are groups separated in to abilities, but that could be, TdF rider/Pro rider/Top amateur/top club rider.
  • The Haute Route was done by someone in my LBS recently, and it looked like nearly pro riders everywhere. I'd stand no chance! I would guess this is roughly the same.
  • They pay some 'pro' or Elite rides to tag along but it isn't a race and no self respecting bike racer would 'enter.'

    If you want to pretend you're in a race and have lots of cash then this could be for you. Otherwise there are plenty of holiday firms that run alpine training camps and trips.
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    Training camps ?

    I'm a novice rider with just about a year under/in my legs and almost 50, I'm not interested in training camps, I'm looking for a social few days riding some nice routes, if this fits the bill great, if it's for a good level rider, then it may well not be for me, hence why I ask.
  • These climbs are a wee bit testing tbh. Think of Schiehallion plus at least 3% (2 kms are at 11%) x 6 in length under either pi$$ing rain or 30C+ temps (did it under both and preferred the former). I have to admit that on my first attempt I was blowing out my 4rse!

    IMO you should do what we did and rent a chalet, take the family/friends and make it into a holiday - I bet it works out a lot cheaper. No doubt the Tour will pass close by again (2 stages near Annecy this year) so it’s a double whammy – and you can stop at a café halfway up the climbs if you want to or get to the top and stop at the cafes there too!
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    I thought having done Glen Quaich both ways without stopping i was good for le tour...
  • You'll learn more from a training camp and probably gain a better experience of cycling in the alpes. Otherwise just go to the alpes and stay somewhere like the Chateau d'oz where you'll get route guides and most likely meet other rides doing the same that will give you the social aspect.

    These pretend 'races' are a waste of money - especially for a novice.