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Go easy as I don't regularly post! I am a fairly experienced cyclist but a complete donut when it comes to maintenance. I have been using a Felt F65X for racing cross and commuting. It has eyelets on the back for a rack or mudguards and a hole(technical term) in the fork for a mudguard(I think).

I want to use it all through winter for group riding and as my club has a mudguard policy I had a few questions; what mudguards can I actually use with these fittings and has anyone got any recommendations? Will they be more secure than raceblade types?

I realise this is probably obvious but I was getting annoyed fishing through internet articles about how mudguards will stop me breaking the hour record. Thanks Rob


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    as above ^^^

    avoid Raceguards....their sh*te !
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    If you have eyelets use them, raceguards are the next best alternative and work very well for me.
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  • Mmm, mudguards. Another good full mudguard is the one by Tortec, if you want a dorky rear reflector and a deeper U section that wraps the tyre a bit more.
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    Don't forget flaps too. They really cut down on the spray. You can make your own from plastic bottles or ducktape or whatever. The front one stops you getting sprayed.
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    Flasher wrote:

    Got them on my Kaffenback and happy with the purchase of them, only running 25c tyres but have 32c cross tyres should the weather turn bad and more grip needed and the guards are set up for 32c tyres.
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  • God, I fitted SKS chromoplastics yesterday. Well, when I say 'fitted' what I mean is I begged my neighbour to try and rig up a combination of homemade P clips, cable ties and hacksawed metal rods to fix the bloody things into place. Without him I would have been like a chimp confronted by the instructions to build a space shuttle. He did it and it looks neat but be aware that some bikes (Spesh Allez) don't come with the necessary fittings on the front forks and rear stays to fix the guards in place. Only got the rear done but that's the most important.
  • As above I thought it would be an easy job. Took ages. But I have to say once on they are splendid.