Knocked off this morning

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Could do with some help :(

I was hit by a Car this morning on my commute, The driver tho all apologtic at the time has changed her tune and thinks I was at fault and wants to go through her insurance even tho the Traffic Cops confirmed she was at fault. I'm not insured on my bike.

All I want is my bike fixed and half a days loss of earnings.

What should I do next? Any advice would be appreciated. :(


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    If the traffic cop says she was at fault and you have a statement or documentation to this effect, then you shouldn't have any trouble claiming through her insurance.
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    Great, Thanks
  • Yes you should go through her insurance. Presumably you have her details? This is the best way to do it anyway. She's already admitted fault so there should be no issue. It will just take a bit of time - a few weeks, and you'll have to call the insurance company every couple of days otherwise they'll do nothing.
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    You'll go through her insurance, then you'll get p1ssed off because they're dragging their feet and you'll end up getting a solicitor, your solicitor will end up getting you £XXX for you bike and £XXX for personal injury.... the personal injury claim will take 6 months..... you didn't really want it but you'll take it because it's money for nothing..
    All this will end up costing her insurance company 10x the initial claim, this eventually gets passed on to all of us.
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    All I wanted was for my Bike to be fixed and compensating for half a days lost earnings.
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    OL9 wrote:
    All I wanted was for my Bike to be fixed and compensating for half a days lost earnings.

    I only wanted my bike back on the road, but there was lie after lie and they dragged their feet claiming they hadn't received paper work, it went on and on and the straw that broke the camels back was passing my details on to an ambulance chasing solicitor. I snapped and went through a no win no fee and ended up sorted.
    I've been through three accidents and the all ended up this way.
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    I used these when I was knocked off. They didn't seem to want to take the pee. Get your bike checked properly not just a visual, it might be bent.
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    Gunnsie wrote:
    Wonder if they'll print the 3' one with the arrow the other way? If asked nicely by enough people.
    Edit; Found the 1 meter one.
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    You don't have to have insurance. She does and going through her insurance is good for you. She probably realises the costs will spiral out of what she assumed the price of cycling components are and will happily pay an increased premium (possibly) next time she insures rather than empty her own bank account. You can speed the claim process up with insurers by giving them a deadline or you will serve papers on them. Once they get the risk of court costs on top of a settlement they usually pay up pronto. You do have to give them reasonable time to sort things though as you will not be the only claim they are dealing with.

    Make sure you get details of the police incident reference for you to refer to in any claim.
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