Colnago C59 set up: too much seatpost showing?

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folks, more of a aesthetic question than proper fitting:

Have this Colnago C59 52s set up to my seat height (80cm bb - top of saddle). 52s would be my size.

I'm wondering if it's too much seat post showing. The other alternative for me would be to go for a 56 traditional, which will have less seatpost.

Would like to hear your thoughts



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    Difficult to tell from that shot. too much light in the back ground would be better judge against a solid background.

    The seat post itself looks okay and obviously you ve got the minimum insertion as a guide, The drop to the bars does looks a bit severe and the bars look rotated forward.

    Why are you so sure you need a 52S are you taking the current 80cm bb to saddle from a bike fit or existing bike?

    I would hope if spending that much money on a bike/ frame you could get a decent fit thrown in.

    My personal preference would be to run more post so I could have the adjustability. What's the top tube length are you running a monster stem on a 52.
  • Apologies, noticed a type on my original post.

    Saddle height (bb- top of saddle) is 86cm (not 80).

    This will give a drop to bars (top of saddle - top of bar) of about 8.5cm (with 1cm spacer).

    I did a test ride on a 52s and 54s, the 52s felt better - but as I said, it's more of an aesthetics questions as I could also consider a 56 traditional.
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    looks fine from an aesthetics point of view.
    Its whether your back can cope!
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    Looks more pro init.
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  • I currently have the same drop on my Bianchi (8.5 cm) so should be ok.

    But I take your point, a 54s would allow less drop, more confortable maybe, but the 52 felt more agile, faster, when I did the test ride on both. But it might be just in my head....
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    You'll have to consider whether or not you want a:

    Competitive fit
    'Eddy' fit or
    French fit.

    Depending on whether you're going to Race, audax or sportive. F**k the look of it, its whether you will be comfortable on it doing what you want to do on it. Its a Colnago, it looks A1 at any angle ffs.

    PS Is this pie in the sky dreamland ? If you buy it and you don't like it, just send it to me.
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  • Correction:seat post height is 76cm not 86cm. Fat finger syndrome ;-)
  • Seat height looks ok but as previously mentioned the seat / bar drop might be a bit extreme. The bars look terrible the way they are which may be an indication that the bike is set up wrong for you.
  • thanks for the comments - just to be clear, it's not my bike, just a display bike on a store. I only adjusted the seat height to 76cm (my measurement), everything else hasn't been adjusted so not concerned about bar angle, etc.

    drop (top of seat - top of bar) will be 8.5 cm (with 1 cm of spacer), so not extreme IMO
  • Don't see anything wrong with that amount of seatpost showing, as mentioned above though, sort out the reach and that will probably steer you to the right frame size.
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    That's not an extreme saddle to bar drop, this is....


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