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Pat McGroin
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Hi all... Newbie here so please be gentle.

I currently ride a 2007 Scott CR1 with 2013 Sram red. I am in the market for a new bike as I want to start racing next season and want to keep the Scott for my club runs and the hillier routes that I sometimes train on.

Can someone please steer me in the right direction for an out and out race bike that can be used for Inter Club racing, Team and individual time trials etc.

All opinions greatly recieved and will be much appreciated. :D


  • nochekmate
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    Stick with your Scott CR1 & Sram Red combo for racing. If you cannot gain points on that set-up there's no reason to think that a new bike will work the oracle. Race what you can afford to replace due to potential crash damage. All too often the chap at the race with the 'pimp bike' is the first to fall away off the back of the pack.

    Same old adage - 'it's not about the bike'!
  • Maybe he wants a race bike that he can afford to crash on though...?
  • I had a feeling someome would tell me that. I was using the racing as an excuse to get a new bike one that the wife has bought into :wink: I do love the Scott but just feel it is starting to show it's age. But I take your point on board with regard to the "pimp bike".
  • Buy what you'd love to ride and go race yourself into the ground. Not much chance of crashing if you're off the front.

    And if you're not off the front you're not trying :-)

    Loads of good carbon frames available at this time of year. Plenty of choice. Some good wheels and really good tyres and away you go.