appollo phaze 22"

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hi there,
for Christmas last year (2012) I was bought a appollo phaze 22" MTB, and in that time It has undergone some serious work to it, for example 3 weeks ago it had to have a new rear tyre fitted, the reason was because it was buckled but all I do is ride to and from school, over field (bearing in mind the field varys on weather conditions) but nothing ever to bumpy, also had to have new brake pads and new chain fitted ever since those items were replaced things have been fine, but do you think there's another fault waiting to happen,


  • They are pretty routine things to have to replace , wheels do buckle . It would be a good idea to learn how to do everyday maintenance ( it isn't rocket science ) . Put the correct oil on the chain and keep gears adjusted and they will last longer . Apollo are built down to a budget . Not a criticism as some spend thousands on bikes but still have to maintain them .
  • Things wear out, the parts you have replaced are normal wear and tear. Unfortunately your bike is styled to look like a mountain bike and not really built to be ridden off road.
  • punctures happens wheels buckle general wear and tear jus keep a little collection of parts in the shed/garage for when stuff happens
  • Nothing you mention is 'serious work'. Tyres wear out, brake pads wear down etc. Other things will go wrong in the future.