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rock shox pike u-turn help!!!!

james51174james51174 Posts: 24
edited September 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
hi guys...desperate help needed please...

i bought these ... 1497.l2649
and they are in the condition expected from second hand forks

the problem is that i cant seem to work out which model they are ie 409/426/454

i also have no idea if they are coil or air

all i can say is they are listed as 'Rock shox pike SL' and that they have an aluminum steer tube

when i have looked online for pictures, they dont have an adjustment knob for the u turn....instead (as seen in the pictures) they have a round this normal?

i cant buy the knob that is usually on the pikes, untill i find out if they are coil or air

the other thing is the rounded adjuster where the knob usually is doesnt turn much more than a few ml

are they brocken or stuck?

any help would be great...but i understand its hard to tell from a picture :(

regards james


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