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Hi Guys,
I have a question and could use your professional advice and opinion.

I recently got a 2013 Nova Race 54cm but having problems getting the right fit.
Currently this is my fitting:

Top tube length: 54.6cm

Seat tube range CC: 49.4cm

Seat tube range CT: 54.2cm

Stem length: 10.2cm

BB saddle position: 72.6cm

Saddle handlebar: 50.45cm

Saddle setback: 6.4cm

I'm getting some slight aches in particular saddle and shoulder pains which lead me to find out what's my recommended fitting.

Top tube length: 52.4 - 52.8 cm

Seat tube range CC: 54.2 - 54.7 cm

Seat tube range CT: 55.9 - 56.4 cm

Stem length: 9.4 - 10 cm

BB saddle position: 72.2 - 74.2 cm

Saddle handlebar: 50.9 - 51.5 cm

Saddle setback: 5.7 - 6.1 cm

As you can see the numbers are quite different in particular. The problem is when I adjust lets say the saddle to get the right setback, the rest of the numbers go more crazy.

Any experts out there that could guide me or advice me as to working around this and fitting the bike?

Any help is appreciate it, thanks once again.


  • 1 How did you find out your recommended fitting?
    2 Did you not think to do this before you bought a bike?
    3 Get a bike fit done. If you state where you are living I am sure people will suggest a good place to have this done.
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    You're not going to get professional advice here, but you'll get lots of opinions. So here is mine.

    Option 1. Sort it all out by yourself read this first, there's plenty of information there:

    Option 2. Pay someone else to do it.

    Sometimes slight aches and pains come and go, remember your body needs time to adjust to changes.
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    Fitting a bike depends on various things. The first is what type of ride are you after ?

    Some people want a head down racing position and others like me tend to ride on the hoods more looking for power but also more comfort.

    After that the main easy adjustments are saddle height, how far forward/backwards the saddle is and the stem rise / length.

    For example on my road bike the saddle height is enough to stretch my legs without losing power. My saddle is further foward than most would have to get my knees in the best position. Also my stem is flipped so it is upright with three spacers below it giving slightly under an inch saddle to hande bar drop. My saddle is also level. This feels right to me and the bike is comfortable to ride.

    A more agressive rider would move the saddle back and remove spacers / flip the stem downwards to some extent. While I can ride my bike like that it is not my preference.