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Just a quick suggestion on making the photo viewer better. It would be highly appreciated if you could make it that after I've clicked through all the photos, one click of the back arrow would bring me back to the main story page. Also that as I click through each photo, only the image would change, rather than the whole page reloading each time I click on a different photo. It would also help if the photos were assigned a "particular space," and fitted into that rather each photo being a different size which can often make it hard to see the image as a whole rather than only being able to see 3/4 of the image.

I noticed this from looking at pictures of Eurobike on both this website and on Facebook and found Facebook's format to be far easier for photo viewing.

I myself have a notebook laptop which I appreciate is the source of some of my suggestions, as opposed to a bigger screen/monitor which wouldn't have the same minor issues.

From my use of the Forum, I also think it would be handy if clicking on a link would open up a new tab, leaving the forum page on it's own tab rather than a selected link opening up on the tab as the forum which makes it awkward to view both the forum and the link at the same time.
I know I can achieve this by right-clicking over the link and selecting the option saying "open link in new tab," however, this soon becomes tedious.

I hope this helps,
Keep up the good work,
Cormac :)
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