How to & What New Wheels / Tyres to get?!

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I've got a Carrera Subway and only really been riding 6 months but want to use the bike for Triathlon's. So Road use and only for a max of 20km in one go really

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I know the wheels / tyres? are too chunky and need some slimmer ones but don't know how to go about this or what to get?

Should I just change the tyres to slimmer road ones or the whole wheels? If so what a cheap suggestion and how easy is it to do?

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  • Lighter weight and narrower tires will give better performance. Switching rims / wheels can be costly and complicated.
    But first look to see what size is marked on the current tires, that will tell you the size of the rims - e.g. 700c, 26 (inch), etc. The new tires must be the proper size to fit the rims. Also smaller tires might require smaller inner tubes.

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    I think you would be better starting off with a more suitable bike, say a road bike rather than a hybrid.

    If you want less road resistance on this bike change the knobbly tyres for some slicks is about as far as you can go with this one.
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
  • Thanks. I'll look into changing the tyres

    They're 26" and decent Shimano trims so will look at slick tyres

  • As above, get a road bike if you can.

    But if you're getting 26" slicks then Schwalbe City Jets (1.5") are good. I had some on a cheap MTB a while back and they made it noticibly faster.