Stolen Bikes - isn't it about time.........



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    I'm glad it isn't about to happen as I think its a bad idea for all sorts of reasons. Not least that it would get outsourced to some off-shore company who would download and sell the data.

    I know what govt IT projects are like - something that should cost a few million and take 5-10 people 6 months to build ends up costing 50M and takes 300 people 2-3 years.

    But that does not mean it cannot be done by a half stupid Oracle Apex developer in a long weekend - from a technical point of view.
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    De Sisti wrote:
    GiantMike wrote:
    What's wrong with noting the frame number of your bike and letting the Police know it if the bike is stolen? Any bike without a frame number is likely to be stolen.

    I ordered a titanium from China and built it up into a nice bike. However, the frame didn't come with a frame number.

    Sounds like it was stolen then :wink:

    Probably worth putting your post code on it so you have a way of identifying it ot the police?