Initial thoughts on first carbon frame

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Long time lurker, first time poster, thought I would share some thoughts on my experience with my first full carbon bike.

I've been riding "seriously" for around a year, and commuting by bike for around 3. I commuted on a single speed until my destination changed and I bought a 2012 Kona Jake the Snake, and soon started racing on it (road, not CX). I just picked up a new cannondale super-six evo with SRAM 2012 red (10 speed). Some personal observations:

I adapted to the double-tap almost immediately and really enjoy the no-trim FD (I suspect it may require lots of attention to be kept sweet)

The bike genuinely feels much smoother than the alu frame in terms of road vibrations.

Sprinting performance seems to be improved. I out-sprinted local racers at this weeks crit whom I normally struggle to pass (there are a lot of variables in this of course, very anecdotal)

Biggest difference is in climbing. I raced up mount Seymour (Vancouver, BC) three weeks ago on my jts, mass start race. Did it this week, alone after a hard day at work, and took 3 minutes off my time. Acceleration up-hill is vastly improved.

Training for a 140km race in a few weeks after doing a 160 on my jts, time will tell how it will feel on a ride over 100km.


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    Kona Jake Snake and Super Six Evo are completely different bikes... :wink:
  • Barteos wrote:
    Kona Jake Snake and Super Six Evo are completely different bikes... :wink:

    Indeed they are. Perhaps the title should read, "thoughts on first road bike...which happens to be carbon".
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    Saw one of these "new cannondale super-six evo with SRAM 2012 red (10 speed)" in Evans on Monday :shock:

    Very nice looking bike; the gf did not agree with the price tag though :cry:

    Any pictures?
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    Have to say you didnt just go for any old road bike either did you? You went for a top spec 'oops I just kizzed in my pants' type of bike that I can only afford when my rich old wife goes 6 feet under leaving me everything in her will...
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