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Help replacing SRAM gears

gwheeldongwheeldon Posts: 3
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Hi I hope someone can help me.

I am in the process of trying to give my old MB a breath of fresh air. It has done about 4000km, and is a cheap Halfords bike. Some of the gears have major wear and I want to replace them. Technically I understand the process, but I am struggling to specify new ones. Can you help?

I did a deep and audited all the markings off the gears on the weekend and found the following markings:

Make: SRAM
Small – Big
568 22T badly worn
557A 32T badly worn
CTA406 42T badly worn

Make: SRAM
Small – Big
11T C6 e – h
12T E6 e – h
14T ? ? 2 teeth snapped off
16T H6 c – j
18T E6 c – j
21T H6 g – j
26T F6 h
32T E6 h

So I am looking at replacing the 3 from the front, one from the rear, and also the front derailler (as it keeps jamming and a deep clean has not fixed it).

The bike is a used for general commuting and I don't want to spend a fortune on components. Can anyone help me understand the range of SRAM components and make some suggestions for what I should look at?

Thanks, Geoff


  • Also should I be looking to replace the chain at the same time. Mine 'looks' ok but I am not sure
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Not really, but firstly you need to work out whether the rings are bolted or rivited, but it's probably cheaper to buy a new crank rather than three rings, so you need to know what sort of bottom bracket.
    Also probably easier to replace the cassette unless the cogs are loose and you can find a replacement.
    If it's that worn you will have issues with a new chain anyway.
    You might have cleaned the mech, but have you replaced the cables? Most common cause of shifting problems.
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  • If the chainset uses a square taper bottom bracket then I'd suggest buying this Shimano chainset as a replacement as it's a bargain for the price, although it may require a different BB length to your current chainset. ... -prod46021

    And you can buy a 8 Speed Shimano cassette off Ebay for less than £10 that will be a suitable replacement as you don't need to use a SRAM one.
  • Sram go up in quality x4 , 5 etc top notch is x0 . No point spending a fortune . As Cooldad says new cable could be all you need then adjust front mech . Sram website has some good pdf files . Also try you tube for Sram tech videos of derraileur set up . None of it is hard just be systematic .
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