Inner Tubes Sizes

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Please can someone let me know if I can use a 700 x 18/25 inner tube as a replacement for a 700 x 23/25C?

I bought a bulk lot of the 700 x 18/25 inner tube and since I got a puncture on the 700 x 23/25C inner tube and replaced it with the ones I purchased, I've had a further 3 punctures and now the tyre itself has started to split.

I'm guessing the answer is probably NO, or maybe I've just had a run of bad luck???




  • lawrences
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    What are the tyres?

    make/model and size?
  • JackPozzi
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    Should be fine, 700*18/25 will fit any tyre 18-25mm wide, while 23/25 will fit from 23-25mm. Although 23/25 does seem quite a narrow range for a tube...
  • Tyres are Schwalbe Lugano Active Line 25-622 (28 x 1.00 - 700 x 25c)

    As I'm going to have to get a new tyre can anyone recommend a decent and reasonably priced one?

  • lawrences
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    I'm a big fan of Rubino pro's which are £20 each or the regular version for a bit less. But I haven't tried a great many different brands.

    P.S. I find when a tyre has a coloured compound it's more prone to splitting around that area.