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I run mountain bike pedals on both off & on road bikes, as my summer shoes are now 13 years old (!) am thinking about replacing them with some racing MTB shoes. If I will get anything like that use out of my next pair I am prepared to push the boat out & have been thinking of S-Works, Dragons or Giro's. I tried on a pair of S-Works in a 43 & they were comfy in the shop. Any experiences with the comfort, durability & performance of these (or other comparable) shoes would be gratefully received.



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    If durability is a priority, Sidi are worth the money - if you don't crash/trash them they'll last for years.

    Many of the MTB race shoes are the same as the road version except they've got rubber lugs moulded on the sole - slightly heavier, but no difference in performance.
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  • S-Works or Bonts both gud shoes, or Sidi for those with deep pockets
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    I run specialised s-works shoes and shimano xtr pedals on my Wilier - the shoes are comfy both on and off the bike and as they have a carbon sole I've had no problems with stability.
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    Another vote for S-Works. Very comfy, mine have done 4,000 miles in the last year or so, winter and summer and are as new apart from a few scratches. I expect them to last many years. The sole grip sections are replaceable and cheap too.

    The BOA dials are hardwearing and great for on the road adjustments (assuming you have no overshoes on!).