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Cyclist has bike stolen after being knocked off by car

pinkteapotpinkteapot Posts: 367
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What is WRONG with people today? :evil: ... crash.html


  • in the essex chronicle yesterday, essex is full of scum! (i should know)
  • RDWRDW Posts: 1,900
    Sympathetic comments on this story from Daily Mail readers:

    'Why would a bike be worth 2K?'s just fabricated tubes and welded gears!...that probably cost £50 quid to make.'

    'dont ride on the roads you idiot'

    'More fool him for spending £2,000 on a push-bike.'

    'no way thats a 2 grand bike'

    'Oh dear. Never mind, perhaps a nice bike manufacturer will take pity and give you an expensive bike as publicity.'

    'Next time you walk, it's safer.'
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