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Single chain ring bike for a 10yr old

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I'm about to try and get my son (and myself) into mountain biking and I'm really struggling finding the right bike. I know that an article on this site and others around the web say fit and weight are the most important factors at this stage but I think its a bit more complicated for my lad. For a start at 149cm he's also a bit of an in-between size as far as i can tell. XS adult bikes apparently fit as do 24".

The Islabikes Creig 26 would be perfect but that's well out of my budget. You see my lads autistic so I want to make it as simple to operate and as enjoyable as possible for him to safely get a bit of speed up on the blueruns or similar. He would struggle and get frustrated with 2 lots of gear levers and having to push this and click that, so a single grip shift would best I think. I would also like adjustable suspension for him because tbh i want it to be as safe and stable at speed as my own bike would be - its only fair eh?

I thought the following spec would help him no end:

single chain ring
high ratio cassette
grip shift
v brakes are fine
adjustable front fork
6005 alu is fine

I might be asking the impossible here, but has anyone got any idea of a bike around £200-350 that gets close to this spec? (what i spend on this will dictate the budget for my own bike!)

Many thanks in advance



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