Really sorry to ask this question

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But im able to get a bike through cycle solutions, my mind was all set on a scott speedster 20 but its been removed. Now im 34 so im never going to be a racer but i do want to take part in some sportives and do the london to paris next year, so anyone have any input about the following bikes;

Cannondale caad 8 tiagra / synapse?
Spesh allez elite/ secteur??
Merida lampre scultura 903 alloy :-)
Bianchi via nirone 7

I know some are more aggressive than others but i really cant make up my mind, the only bike i have not seen up close is the merida.

Thanks for any help, sorry for the most numb question on forums ;-)


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    IMO you need to sit on them and ride them all especially if you intend to do sportives, London to Paris etc otherwise you could be wasting your money and be in for a world of pain. :)
  • +1^^

    Really tough question to answer. My best advice would be to try each one, for as long as you can (not just a spin round a car park), and then go with the one that feels best!

    Sorry it's probably not the answer you're looking for, but I'm sure most people on here would agree!!

    Don't discount the Giant Defy though. If that was on your list I'd have said go for that without even trying the rest, but I'm biased, and it'd be bad advice!! :lol:

    Good luck, and most of all, enjoy choosing your new bike!!
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    Now im 34 so im never going to be a racer

    Why not?
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    Sorry to complicate matters but surely a bike that doesn't feel too comfortable could be changed by a good bike fit. When I bought my last bike I took out both a large and a medium for a couple of km and to be honest I couldn't really tell the difference. Maybe it's just me. I did however subsequently have to bike I bought fitted
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    The other thing is, if its your first bike in 10 plus years, then nothing feels right. I got my first road bike in 2011 and it was the first time I'ld been on a bike since leaving school and they were always comfy hybrids or mountain bikes.

    Most of what I read turns out there rarely is a bad bike, especially from brands that sell top ends bikes. They have entry level bikes but still the budget and experience to know how to make them. That and all the gear on them are usually the same anyway so if one shifts smoothly, so will the other.

    Ultimately its which ever one you think looks the fastest, because that's scientific proof that it is the fastest :D
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  • Im another that would say defo look at the Giant Defy. Ive just picked up my Defy composite 3. Three reason.
    1, they come in medium/large which as im 5ft 10" fitted me to a tee. 2, Giant have just reduced there prices so mananged to pick this bike up for £950 reduced from £1350, and 3rd the bike was sooooo comphy compaired to all the other bikes I tested. If sportives are your thing then look no further.
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    Once you buy this bike I guarentee that in a year or so you will want a another bike so I would look at a manufacture that makes a range of bikes that you like and then choose that manufacturer as most entry bikes will be the same

    I have a collection of Specialized bikes (commute, mountain & 2 road).

    You may also want to look at the components that the bikes come with.