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Rockhopper Redux...

cat_with_no_tailcat_with_no_tail Posts: 12,981
edited September 2013 in Your mountain bikes
After evaluating my current stable, I decided the communter rockhopper could do with a bit of a refresh.

After much consideration, I decided to take some of the bits off the Reed, and buy a new groupset for that.

This is the result:

Frame: 2006 Rockhopper
Forks: Kinesis Maxlight XLT
Bars: Bionicon Barfly 700mm
Grips: Superstar

Brakes: SRAM X9 Matchmaker
Shifters: SRAM X9 Matchmaker
Front Mech: Shimano deore
Rear Mech: SRAM X9

Seat: Charge Spoon
Seat Post: 2012 Reverb MMX
Seat Post Clamp: Superstar Balance bolt - Red

Cranks: Shimano SLX double - 26-38
Chain: Shimano SLX
Cassette: Shimano SLX 11-36
Pedals: Shimano cheapo M520 SPD

Front Hub: Superstar Switch Evo -Red
Rear Hub: Superstar Trizoid DH Hub - Red
Spokes: CX Ray
Nipples: SAPIM Sils - Red
Hubs - Arch EX
Front Tyre - Racing Ralph double defence snakeskin TLR
Rear Tyre - Racing Ralph double defence snakeskin TLR
(both being run tubeless)








The more eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that the rear wheel does not match the description. I'm currently awaiting the correct adapter from SuperStar, so just threw on an old superleggera for the pics.


  • 97th choice97th choice Posts: 2,222
    Why the dropper on that?
    Too-ra-loo-ra, too-ra-loo-rye, aye

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  • Why not?

    Absolutely love droppers I do! Can't imagine having a bike without one.
  • 97th choice97th choice Posts: 2,222
    I just can't imagine getting lairy enough on a rigid hard tail to need it, so under those circumstances it's just a weight penalty. But if it works for you great, nice build btw.
    Too-ra-loo-ra, too-ra-loo-rye, aye

    Giant Trance
    Radon ZR 27.5 Race
    Btwin Alur700
    Merida CX500
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    I see no reason not to use a dropper on any bike, they make such a huge different imo. Heck it's probably the main reason I chose the 456c so I could fit a reverb to it!
  • Exactly. It's not necessarily about getting "lairy". Being able to drop the post whenever I want, means I'm better able to compensate for the lack of any suspension by using my legs more effectively.

    Is it essential? Absolutely not.

    Also, FWIW, this is my "IOM End2End Build". It's the bike I'll be using in that this year. Dropper post will come in handy there. Once that's out of the way with, it may or may not be removed during winter operations :)
  • pilchpilch Posts: 1,136
    Nice, love a droppa
    A berm? were you expecting one?

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  • C0CK!

    Went to change the BB at the weekend and stripped the BB threads. Stoopid rookie error that I'm pretty fuming about, especially as it's the E2E on Sunday and I was planning on using this bike.

    Ah well. I'll be doing it on the Bionicon instead I guess, no big deal. Replacement frame, I'm thinking EITHER I get a scandal (as they're cheap), or follow the herd onto a nice carbon 29er.

    Watch this space.....
  • Well, it's a bit of a redux on the redux....







    Had literally 1 ride on the old one before the BB started feeling dead notchy. Went to replace it and with my mighty fists of ham, I managed to bIoody strip the threads.

    Anyway, stripped it down and boxed up the bits.

    That was about a month ago now, and as winter is drawing ever nearer (yes it is, sorry), I decided a winter trainer/commuter was on the cards.

    Found a similar rockhopper frame for sale on the classifieds, so was able to keep new parts spend to a minimum, which is good because the FF29 is taking all my spare cash right now.

    Here she is, 9.75kg as she stands here.

    Decided at the last minute to drop the front mech and go 1x10. With that 38t ring, and all the hills round here, I'll either be an absolute machine come springtime, or I'll cave and throw on the granny and mech after the first ride.

    Rear brake hose needs shortening, and I may go for some flat bars that are a bit more.... commutish. I've got some full length guards in the garage too, for when the weather really turns.
  • DSC03215_zps4b284804.jpg

    So that's what mine would look like in matte black. Been thinking of giving mine a respray - was thinking slate grey with red decals but the black looked nice.
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