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Hi all I'm mainly a commuter but I,m also getting the bug I'm on a trek 2.1 avg aprox 19 MPH
I'm looking to upgrade my lenzye micro drive lights I currently cummute about 8 miles a day between 7am and 7 pm but there's a chance my cummute could be increasing with new job to about 18 miles a day. thought different taraine I've been looking around and like the look of the Hope district 3 rear light so then I looked at the hope front light but seems expensive for what it is, but I want a reliable bright light to see by down dark country lanes I also like the look of the Lumi cycle front light, does anyone know if i could use the lumicycle battery pack with the hope rear light or any other recommendations are most welcome such as exposure or do u just use the cheaper touches options and if so how reliable are they and what do u run on the back? Thanks


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    Probably worth swinging over to the commuter forum on BR and typing "lights" in. I suspect there will be loads of info.

    If you are serious about all year round commuting in dark lanes (rather than just streetlamp territory) then I would look into a nice handbuilt wheel set (more durable and repairable) and get the front wheel built with a decent dynamo hub.
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    I have an Exposure Maxx-D on the front, and an Exposure Joystick on my helmet. They're flippin bright, plenty to light up a dark road. They're connected to the Exposure Redeyes at the back (one long cable, one short for the helmet). I also have another Exposure rear light for extra oomph in bad weather. I have never, ever felt underlit.....They're far from cheap, but they are fully rechargeable and mine have been very durable indeed. It also saves a helluvalot of hassle if you're commuting as you don't have to strap on battery packs or anything light that.
  • search ebay for a "cree bicycle light".excellent light and quite cheap to for around £30 and you can get a spare battery for around a tenner.
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    for about £7-9 you can get a 5-600 lumen XM-L or XM-L2 based mini torch. then you just need mounts, cells and charger. You won't find anything brighter than an XM-L2.

    e.g. ... ht-1-18650