Who has Mont Blanc Barracudas? Help switching sides?

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Already posted this in the MTB section but I figured it would also be helpful to post it in here to since they can pretty much carry any sort of bikes.

I've got another Barracuda to join the one I already have. I need to switch the side the lever/bar is located and I'm trying to follow the manual to do so. It says to put the lever in the upright position and then on the opposite side of it to unscrew the 'socket'. There is a large black slotted cover on the opposite site which I assume is what they mean but it refuses to budge if I try and turn it with a screwdriver in the slot. Don't want to force it in case I'm doing something wrong.

Anyone with Barracudas swapped over the levers to the other side?. If so some assistance would be appreciated!!
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