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New bike build

brearleybrearley Posts: 165
edited August 2013 in Road buying advice
So I'm currently in the process of building a new bike for winter/early season races.
See below my proposed build with cost to me, quite a lot of parts are spares/carry over from old bikes.

Focus Cayo = £130
Easton ec90sl = £0
Deda zero100 = £0
Controltech viento classic = £24
FSA plasma = £0
San marco concor light = £0
Record square taper = £44
Tifosi 102mm bb = £22
Fulcrum racing 1 = £0
Dura ace 7800 front mech = £0
Mirage 10 speed Rear mech = £0
Athena 11 shifter = £0
Chorus 11 cassette = £0
Schwalbe Lugano tyres x 2 = £20
Continental race 28 tubes = £0
bottle cages not bought yet
gear and brake cables not bought yet
bar tape Fizik tacky = £0
brakes Centaur = £33
KMC x11l = £25
Parts with £0 next to them are already bought/spare parts.
Obviously the front and rear mech are slightly out of place but this has been done on a budget and I will have to see what the shifting is like with a 10 speed mech.
I've not yet bought the frame as the seller is waiting for his replacement to arrive.
If the frame doesn't end up being sold to me I have a Giant TCR alliance as back up.
Any comments on build or potential changes would be welcomed.
I've not yet bought bottle cages but they should be either Taxc Tao or Elite custom cages.
I will fit crudcatchers to the bike until they ultimately end up disintegrating then they may be replaced by raceblade longs.


  • CrozzaCrozza Posts: 991
    I don't think matching tyres are within the spirit of this build :wink:
  • brearleybrearley Posts: 165
    it'll look better than it sounds.
    bars and stem will have logos acetone removed, wheels will be debadged and it should look more like a classics bike ala Tom Boonen back in the campag days.
  • trek_dantrek_dan Posts: 1,366
    I think I'd want a proper set of fixed mudguards on a winter bike. Crud Catchers are adequete but a bit censored in my experience. I've done a similar spare part build but went for an ex-display Dolan Prefisino frame I got cheap for this reason.
  • brearleybrearley Posts: 165
    hoping for a build looking slightly like this ... om-21190/1
    albeit with tanned sidewall tyres, and 2006 record alloy chainset (imho the nicest looking chainset campag made)
  • brearleybrearley Posts: 165
    This is my race bike viewtopic.php?f=40044&t=12927101 and with this being an 11 speed build I'll be able to use these two wheelsets also.
    If all goes well I'd probably use this bike for Rutland cicle classic next season.
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