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Newbie from kent

Amiller86Amiller86 Posts: 4
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Hi guys. Just thought id say hello as im new to MTBing! Bought my first proper MTB 2weeks ago and covered over 200miles already... Love it! I bought a specialized hardrock disc 26".... Iv got new foot pedals on orderand i want to change the front sus already.... Any tips etc? And also... How do i know what sus t buy that fits my bike? My current travel only has 80mm and need more! Thanks for any advice


  • mattshropsmattshrops Posts: 1,134
    If you mention the word Girl in your subject title, I reckon you'll get more replies. :D
    Just saying..

    Welcome o southern one.
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  • croptonboycroptonboy Posts: 164
    Hello and welcome! :)

    What year is the bike, and what forks are on there at the moment?
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    You don't necessarily need more, you need better. Or forks that actually work anyway.
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  • Cheers all. Haha yeh your probably right... Would get more attention if i said i was female! Yeh also as much as i want more travel int the front sus, i also want better ones lol! How would i know which ones fit my bike etc?
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,757
    Steerer length and diameter, in the case of a Hardrock, 1 1/8th inch plain and length you can measure.

    I understand the Hardrock frame will take 100mm forks, more than that would be a bad idea.
  • rob rrob r Posts: 10
    Where abouts in Kent are you? Get yourself to along Bedgebury if you can and go exploring round there.
  • jb1981jb1981 Posts: 8
    im doing bedgebury in a few weeks (29.09.13) i think if you fancy a meet up
  • rob rrob r Posts: 10
    Yeah I'm off that weekend so give us a shout and I'll come out for a hack :D
  • Ahhh cool, i live on the isle of sheppey ;-( haha well im just looking for a bike rack for the car, theres only one track on the island and its getting pretty boring! Yeh i want to try bedgbury, heard its quite good there? Ahhh i shall look for a new fork with 100mm then.... Although i can see myself getting a full sus to as im catching the mtb fever;-)
  • rob rrob r Posts: 10
    Roof bars and bike carrier is best bet.

    Sure someone will disagree and say they're £9.99 halfords boot mount does just as good a job :mrgreen:
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