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Merida bikes

Darkeeboy1Darkeeboy1 Posts: 17
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Been offered a deal on a Merida bike, but not heard of them before visiting my LBS. I tried their £599 sora alloy bike but was interested in the 105 equivalent. They called to say size is out of stock but could do a deal on the CF Merida 903, link here

Anyone got or heard of them? Is this a good bike for £1k?


  • Yep :D but not much on here about the 903...
  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 6,896
    I've got a Merida bike, bought it second hand 4-5 years ago. It's an aluminium frame, CF fork. Came with Sora groupset but the chainrings, cassette and rear mech have been swapped for Tiagra/105 as they've worn out (not really anything else wrong with them) and put new wheels on it after a crash which dented the rim.

    I'm more MTB than road so only do about 2500 miles/year on it but it's been a really decent reliable bike.
  • one of the biggest bike manufacturers there is.

    if your worried that there just some small tin pot company then don't be. they are huge and you should have no worries on that front.
  • Am I correct in thinking they build frames for specialized to badge up?
  • I believe so...
  • Am I correct in thinking they build frames for specialized to badge up?

    amongst overs by all accounts
  • dowtchadowtcha Posts: 440
    Merida bought 49% of specialized some years ago.
  • There's a couple of good reviews for the 904 online, nice bike by all accounts. Don't think you'd regret buying the 903.
  • Thanks all. Still undecided as this is in competition with the Ribble GF, which I like the look of best, and PX which has the best spec .. Hmmm
  • Well I've just pre-ordered a 2014 Scultura 904 which is my 1st CF and own road bike. Fell in love with the 2013 model in my LBS so took the plunge on getting the new one. Been on a loaned Vitus 992 for the last 12 months so thought it was time to get serious and get my own :lol:

    For me after looking at the equivalent Wilier, Specialized and Vitus of the same value, what you get on the Merida is a lot better value for your money. Even though the 904 comes with Shimano 105 as standard I am going for a Campag Veloce groupset on mine which I'm told is comparable to the Shimano 105 but not as dear to buy (so my bike will come in at £1249 all in, instead of the £1500 pricetag for a 105 version).
    Which when you consider on the the CF Wilier/ Specialized etc you are looking at either Campag Xenon or Shimano Sora groupset, to me I'm getting a decent spec bike for reasonable money. :D
  • Nice spec. OOS on the Scultura but can do a deal on the Ride Carbon 93. Similar spec but more sportive design.... Think I'm going to be a Merida owner soon!
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