garmin 500 settings help

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On my garmin 500 every 5 miles a lap comes up on the screen which I don,t need.How do I get rid of this.
Also my timer keeps going when I stop,(on my 200 it stopped)so can it be set to stop the timer when I stop.
Thanks for any info.
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  • smoggysteve
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    Lap function off -

    Hold Enter 5 seconds


    Bike settings

    Auto Lap


    Autostop Function -


    Bike Settings

    Auto Pause

    When Stopped
  • elderone
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    thanks smoggy,all sorted.
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  • bernithebiker
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    I love the 5 (km) lap function.

    Tells you what kind of pace you're setting, 10 minutes is 30km/h, 8 mins is 40km/h, etc.