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I'm looking for some advice re buying a turbo trainer

With winter nearly here I'm thinking about make a purchase now

Needs to be fairly quiet as ill be running it in the downstairs spare room( young kids will be sleeping upstairs)... Do they make a mess?

Ps not too pricey!!!


  • dnwhite88
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    They don't make a mess but the do make a bit of a hum or a whine but some are louder than others. I have the tacx blue motion and don't find it too loud
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    Elite is the make I have paid about £135 for it, 5 levels of tension changed from bar fitting changer, not too noisy, no mess at all mine is in the dining room.
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    By the way defo get a turbo tyre otherwise your road tyre will die very quickly if you use it regularly through the winter IME, original turbo tyre is still running fine on mine. :)
  • mcowan77
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    I stay in scotland!!!!
  • mcowan77
    mcowan77 Posts: 560
    Any recommendations?
  • StillGoing
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    If you have the budget, consider the Tacx VR trainers. I have the i-Flow VR and after getting through one or two issues with Windows 8, it works perfectly. I can ride anywhere in the world using GPS mapping, which relays images onto the screen whilst applying brake resistance to represent gradient increases. There are also dvds of popular climbs that you can purchase. The catalyst functions are useful for pyramid training either by time, slope or watts and a CP20 test.
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  • mikenetic
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    Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and Rock and Roll are both very good. I have the RnR, and in conjunction with Trainer Road it's a very efficient way of keeping yourself in good nick over the winter.
  • I got an Elite Crono Fluid ElastoGel (http://www.wiggle.co.uk/elite-crono-flu ... el-trainer) last winter and there's more noise from the bike itself than from the trainer. I was using it in a room next to a sleeping 9 month old baby without any problems. Would recommend getting a training mat as well to keep the floor clean. And +1 for the TrainerRoad recommendation above.
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    I've had a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine for 2 years now with no problems. With a smooth tyre it makes very little noise. The roller is connected via a permanent magnet to a vane running in oil in a sealed unit. There are no seals to leak or noisy friction devices involved.
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    1) Tyre choice - I have a collection of knackered road tyres so just use them as it will knacker your best road tyres - I have a spare wheel & cassette to swap in so there's no swapping tyres around.

    2) Dirt - yes you will get dirt - unless your bike is spotless then you'll be dropping bits off the chain, road tyres also shed a little bit of rubber and if you're doing it right then you'll be shedding quite a bit too! So it needs to be somewhere easily cleaned or on something that doesn't matter.
    Of course, if you're not taking your bike on the road at all during the winter then you should be able to minimise the bike dirt by giving it a thorough clean first.
  • mcowan77
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    Cheers for the advice folks

    I'd love a VR but I don't think I could hide it from the wife!!!

    Ill have a look at the elite crono fluid