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Civia Kingfield

pompypompy Posts: 127
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Has anyone any experience of these bikes? I am hopefully getting one as a tourer, intruiged by the belt drive and hub gears! I know its weighty but it seems perfect as a tourer. Can only find a small amount of info on a couple of small US sites so would appreciate anyone's views. Thanks!


  • asprillaasprilla Posts: 8,440
    It's discontinued unfortunately. I was after either a Kingfield or a Bryant frame earlier in the year as a project.

    Cant help with the Kingfield, but I did previously have a Bryant which I believe was the same frame but with discs instead of cantis. I shared it with my wife as a shopper / kid carrier and I used it as a snow / ice commuter. It was a bit small for me hence I was looking for another.

    Anyway, it was a good bike only let down in a couple of crucial areas. The belt drive is maintenance free but is more lossy than a standard chain. Coupled with an Alfine hub, which is less efficient than a cassette and rear mech and you really feel you are wasting a lot of energy.

    Then there is the Alfine hub itself. Boy are they heavy. That and a couple of panniers and you'll soon find hills where you never thought there were any. I don't know about the 11 speed but the 8 has some very big gaps indeed.
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