Faulty Mavic Equipe wheels

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Hi,i bought a pair of Equipe wheels about 3 years ago and the rear developed an annoying rattling sound.Unable to locate the source I returned them to the LBS I purchased them from and was told that the jointing plate inside had become detached.They were out of warranty so I would have to pay for this fault to be rectified but the cost was ridiculous.I therefore decided to purchase a new pair.
Now,after only 920 miles the front wheel of this new pair has the same fault.It will be covered by a warranty but this means at least one round trip of 140 miles to the shop.Anyone else had this problem?


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  • Why don't you do what I did...

    Give up on Equipes, they simply don't last (the rim cracked on my rear causing a spoke nipple to come clean off the rim)

    Buy some 105 / Mavic Open Pro built wheels (£200 for the pair at most online shops)