Pete Burgin - RIP

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For any of you who ride Tubs, then you would have almost certainly heard of Pete, he did a cracking job of repairing my tubs and nothing was too much trouble.

He used to send back loads of paperwork with your tub and hand written notes as to the best sealants etc.

Sadly I read in the comic that he had passed away last month, my thoughts are with his family.

RIP Pete


  • themekon
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    Brilliant chap. Never met him but for years I sent my best tubs to him for repair.No matter how hard I inspected them I could never see where he had untaped them. I tried some repairs on heavier winter tubs but could never get the tape to stick back properly.
    Where will tub men send them now?
  • ugo.santalucia
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    Yeah, it's been a couple of months now... I received a tub repaired by him the very day he passed away...
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