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A friend and me are planning to do the coast to coast run from , starting point being either whitehaven or workington to Newcastle. The plan is to do it on the long weekend , but here in lies the problem. I am sure there is some one on board who has set sail from London to whitehaven ? The only option seems to be the train from Euston with a change at Carlisle and the tickets are setting us back a whopping 110£ , Newcastle to London is about the same. Honestly we would not mind footing the cost, but I wanted to learn if there are any alternative/better ways to get there. There might be a work issue and we may not be able to make the train on 5:30 PM which as it is gets us in pretty late at 11 PM, the next one 8 30 PM gets us in the next day! Given our fitness/experience , we'd need 3 days to cover the circuit.

I am looking at any other options from coaches, taxies to any tour operators which could make our lives easier. Halp!



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    Why not do Avonmouth to Southend instead, its about 180 miles and doable over 2 days, both are fairly easy from London as well.
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  • Get a one way car / van / whatever's big enough rental and drive back up. It'll be cheaper, and you won't have to worry about missing a train.
  • Sounds about right for train fare from London, if anything sounds a bit cheap.

    Keep in mind there's often engineering works over Bank Holiday weekends, so shunted onto bus replacements, who won't take bikes!
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    Depending on how econimcal your car is you could just drive up to Newcastle then get the local train from Newcastle to Whitehaven (about £25 from memory). The council operated car parks in Newcastle City Centre are secure, cost £6 all day Monday - Saturday, and £1 on a Sunday, so if the car was parked for 3 days over a long weekend would only cost £13.
    Or park the car down Tynemouth on a residential street somewhere, ride the 10 miles to Newcastle Central Station to get the train and you can do the dip your bike in the sea at both coasts as is tradition.
  • The handicapped situation is neither of us have a valid licence , so which cuts down options dramatically. I like the idea of a run from Newcastle to Whitehaven , I'll give it a thought.

    @markhewitt1978 , cheers ,I'll keep check that before we head out for sure.

    Avonmouth to Southend is something I'll look up as well...

    Right now , we are leaning towards spending a night in Carlisle & catching the first choo-choo out to whitehaven.

    Thanks for all the help =)

    If i can go slightly off-topic , is the route good enough for Road-bikes ? I've ordered Mark potters guide to it, so waiting for it to come in..